Schöne Body Horsehair Oil Treated
Natural Oak Bath Brush

Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
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The Schone Body Bath Brushes are made with Traditional Swedish craftsmanship. With more than a century of brush-making experience, these brushes are exclusive designs, craftsmanship and quality. Made by hand of oil-treated oak, it has a long handle to extend your reach and is fitted with bristles of horse hair: a durable material with just the right amount of elasticity. Use with soap or cleanser to work up a soft, comfortable lather.

  • This Luxury Bath brush is perfect for use during a hot shower or bath. It provides a soothing scrub while improving blood cirulation and removing any dead skin cells
  • The Long handle is great for reahching hard to reach areas around your upper and lower back, this soft hoursehair brush facilitates the best skin care
  • Made with 100% Horsehair, Sturdily constructed by hand wiring bristles this brush is Designed to provide years of use
  • Handmade in Sweden
  • Horse hair is soft and pliable while still sturdy and durable with a certain elasticity.

100% Original

Handmade in Sweden

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